Welcome to the Blip A Deal API
Our API enables our partners to access over 6 million deals a year, in 500 cities and 12 countries around the world.

API Summary

The BlipADeal API allows developers from around the world to gain access to deal information in a multitude of ways. BlipADeal's daily deal API allows developers to access deals information via location, keywords and free text giving multiple easy to use interfaces to access data in a structured way through simple JSON format.

To gain access to worldwide deals data via the API BlipADeal allows developers to input a country and city name resulting in deals returned in that specific city. The BlipADeal API also allows developers to find deals that are closest to a specified area allowing developers to find deals in a given region and not just one location at a time. The information provided to the API can be given as text consisting of country name and city name or via latitude and longitude coordinates.

The BlipADeal API also allows developers to search by category and free text phrases related to products. This provides many capabilities for recommendations based on free text. For example the developer can input text such as "I want to buy and iPod" or "looking for a nice dress" and BlipADeal will provide its recommended categories to input as the search categories. This allows the developer to use the API in many creative ways such as using user preferences data obtained for other 3 party systems (such as facebook) to get recommended deals via BlipADeal's API's.

The API also provides a complete set of deals data in simple JSON format so any programming language supporting this interface can access the API. One of the advantages of this deals API is that it is truly worldwide. With all of the deals data returned, a translation is also provided for the non English languages so the developer can display the data in the required language.

How to get started

Any businesses or developers who wish to use our API can do so easily by requesting access, found here or by clicking on the "Request Access" from the menu above.

Once you recieve your unique token and secret key you will be able to connect directly with our API to query the data you require, or as an alternative use our test interface to test the api's through an easy to use GUI.

Please take a moment to review our API documentation for more information on how to make calls to the BlipADeal API. By using our API you agree to adhere to the branding requirements and terms of service.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we'd be more than happy to help

We look forward to the new and creative ways in which you will use our API. Happy API'ing!

The BlipADeal Development Team